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Thursday, December 29, 2011

What's new in the Aisle..

Cheerios are beneficial, delish, and of course are always made with whole grain!! There's two new flavors!!
 I think the Cinnamon Burst is still my favorite, But these are DULCE DE-Lish-ious

Cream of Wheat Chocolate Flavored!! Coming in stores in 2012

Baked Lentil Crackers
Made with lentil beans, 5 grams of protein & 110 calories per serving, gluten free.  Great for a substitute of Chips or starchy breads..

Redrose Black Tea..Has a new Flavor!!-- Sunset Spice..Pretty Zesty & perfect for winter

Quinoa By Roland in a New flavor of Toasted Sesame Ginger.
Quinoa is very beneficial, high in protein & essential amino acids, so swap out any day for rice or even brown rice...

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