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Monday, December 12, 2011


So I got a couple of questions about abdominal exercises...(sorry it's been a little while guys)OKAY so first and foremost.....ABS are made in the kitchen!! I'm sure you've heard that before. Abdominals are pretty much created with a good diet.  You can't spot reduce certain areas. You could do a million sit ups a day and still never produce amazing abs.  You can strengthen your abdominals and core muscles with exercises, but if you have a layer of fat over your abs, you'll never actually be able to see those abdominals.  Fat can not be "burned away" into muscle.  One thing can not turn into another.  You can burn fat through cardiovascular training and build muscle and strength through weight training. Not just any old cardio training though...High Intensity Interval training is best for fat burning. There's really no magic ingredient, other than hard work and persistence.  Getting a great body takes TIME! It's the small baby steps you take that are important.  The small daily choices you make which add up and will effect you in the long run. The choices you make today about diet and exercise will effect you tomorrow.  You CAN NOT out train a SHITTY diet!
Core stability is definitely a necessary component in a lot of activities.
Always change your rep ranges and /resistance/intensities/inclines/declines/ects...vary all of the factors that go into every workout.  Constant change is best for results, the body adapts to certain exercises and routines very fast.

Here's a quick routine for targeting that midsection and blasting some fat..

3 sets of each for 15-20 reps
lying toe touches with a weight or plate
10 Burpees
Russian twists
weighted cable abdominal pulldowns
10 Burpees
hanging leg raises
Jackknifes on a stability ball

Cardio Challenge
-5 minute warm up
1 min sprint/high intensity
1 min recovery
Repeat(not warmup)2 more times for TOTAL= 3xs
3 minute medium/high pace
2 min recovery
-Repeat once for TOTAL=2xs
1 min sprint/high pace
1 minute recovery
-Repeat twice TOTAL= 3xs
10-15 minutes at moderate intensity

*NOTE- RECOVERY- For beginners recovery is a walking pace. For intermediate and up IS NOT a walking pace more like a Lower intensity(slow jog)
*Varying incline during this circuit is great to change it up later for a fresh start

Stay motivated & Don't be ABSent from your workout!!! ha


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