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Thursday, December 27, 2012

The 21 Day Challenge

Ringing in the new year and the new you...

If your planning on making a New Years Resolution like many people do, coming into the New Year you need to take a few steps to ensure you are going to stay on track. First, you need to make realistic goals.  I think it's hard to stick to goals that are unrealistic and over the top. You may not feel like your goal is unrealistic but take a look at the smaller scale. Making attainable goals will seal the deal, and make sure you stick to one goal at a time.  Bringing on to many goals at one time is a sure way to set yourself up for failure.  You need to be able to build your willpower and setting up one small goal that will eventually lead to success in the over all larger goals.

You have to first be ready to change! Just like admitting your wrong, you first have to except it and move forward from there. Once you have excepted the change, you need to fully commit to the change. Like dieting for a show, it's just something that I've excepted- during that block of time before the shows (prep) I know that I can't have ____ to eat, and i follow a show prep,it's just something that I've excepted and I will live with it and move on. It's no big deal, there will be later maybe after a show or even later in life where I can eat that _____ but I know to reach my goals that I can't just keep giving in to temptations at every corner. Sure I have slip ups, everyone does while trying to achieve goals; but the most important thing is that you don't let it get you down, and stand in your way. You have to take action in sticking to and achieving your goals, so moving onto the next phase...TAKING ACTION. While in action on the steps towards success you need to ensure that you are going to stay on climbing up maybe set up small rewards for yourself every time you reach a goal or say no to a high risk situation that could steer you off your path.

Look at what you do daily, almost everything that you do daily is some form or another out of habit. A habit is a repeated behavior that we pretty much subconsciously do. They are part of your routine and they help form repetitive behavior  Most of us have routines that we just do, so make it a point to keep up with this goal. All it's going to take is 21 days. So, it takes 21 days to form a habit or break one. Once you start with your change, just keep up and be persistant. To be successful in reaching your goals you need to believe in yourself though.  You need to know that you are able to meet your goals. So trusting in yourself is vital.

Surround yourself with people that will enable you to reach your goals.  Birds of a feather flock together.  Surrounding yourself with people that have positive energy and the same beliefs will help you tremendously. Knowing yourself is critical. Journaling is a great way to learn about yourself.  You aren't fooling anyone especially yourself when you journal.

So take the 21 day Challenge this New Years because starting off the new year with new goals and challenges is necessary for your health.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Finds...

Dunkin Donuts Seasonal Flavors!! The Holiday flavors are back! Gingerbread Cookie, Mocha Mint, Pumpkin Spice

GO Veggie! Dairy Free Shreds
Go Veggie- Dairy Free Cheese shreds! Casein, soy and gluten free!!

Balance Bar- 3 NEW Flavors- Dark Chocolate Peanut, Dark Chocolate Crunch, Dark Chocolate Coconut. Gluten Free, Kosher, and high in Protein!!

Greek 100 yogurt!! By yoplait- In Peach, Mixed Berry, Vanilla, Black Cherry, Strawberry, Key Lime. Only 100 calories per container!!

WAH!!!!! I'm so excited! I can't contain it....I know that these are rolls...But a much better option than a refined white roll/bun...Each serving contains at least 8 grams of whole grain!!! TRY THEM!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

So Sweet

I'm sure all of you have a sweet tooth in some form.  Table sugar is obviously something that you want to skip. There are so many sweeteners on the market right now so I figured I would break down the latest for you...

So, a while back for 'New down the isle' I posted that there was Nectresse (A monk fruit sweetener) By Splenda.
Monk Fruit is an ancient Chinese fruit that is commonly used in Asia to combat obesity and fight against diabetes. Recently there have been alot of new sweeteners on the market and monk fruit is one of them. Monk fruit is like Stevia (Reb stevia plant) which is in a lot of sweeteners like Truvia and PureVia. Monk fruit along with stevia is waaaay sweeter than table sugar, about 300 times; so you don't have to use as much.
Monk fruit contains fructose and glucose. Monk Fruit is no calories, but contains 1.2g of carbs per gram.
It starts as the fruit ,then during the process the is soaked and dried it out and the sweet juice is extracted.
Stevia comes from a plant leaf, and the leaves are steeped, and the sweet is extracted and blened with crystals. Both sweeteners are found in nature, and both contain Erythritol, a natural sugar alcohol. They have similar sweetness to them, but have very different tastes. Stevia and Monk Fruit are great options for your sweet teeth :D

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Stay stimulated throughout the Holidays

Staying stimulated throughout this holiday season is very important. Your goals shouldn't take time off for the holiday season even if you are. Making sure you're keeping up with your goals is necessary for reaching them. Through all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season you should take time out for your health. On average people gain 1-1.5 pounds over the holiday season, that might not seem like a lot but added up throughout the years and you could have some serious weight gain. Take steps to stay healthy through this holiday season.

First, decide to commit to keeping/changing to a healthy lifestyle for the holiday season. If you aren't saying yes to this then unfortunately gaining success in this is obviously not going to happen. You have to want it.

-Stay motivated!!!
Setting smaller goals through this season should be the best way to stay on track. Believe in change and believe that you can stick to your goals, and still have fun. Giving yourself an early gift could help you stay on track..maybe pick up that new pair of workout shorts you eyeballed while christmas shopping for a jolt of gym motivation. Taking that me time out of your holiday rush to focus on your goals for the holiday season and the upcoming new year is important.

-Say YES!!
Saying yes to holiday parties and get togethers but keeping everything in moderation. Watch your portions.
Make a plan to eat healthy during the week but allow yourself to enjoy a cheat meal and indulge on a few picks at holiday parties without going overboard. Diet is very important but let's be real this time only comes once a year, I'm definitely no stranger to partying,eating and having a good time but just try to be modest with a substitution and alternative mentality.

Options for subbing out certain ingredients to make your holiday dishes healthier...
Oil for applesauce
White flour for wheat/oat/buckwheat
Sour cream for fat free Greek yogurt
Cheese for low fat or fat free cheese
Crutons in salad for Nuts
White pasta for whole Wheat or Spaghetti Squash
Baking Butter for Puree Avocado

-Get IT out there!!
Keeping your goals insight for everyone to see. Let everyone know that your sticking to your diet and allowing yourself x amount of cheats or inviting them for a little bit of workout company. Keeping winter play in your workout agenda. Sledding, ice skating, snowboarding, and skiing are all great workouts and also a lot of wintertime fun. Keeping it interesting and fun is great for trying to keep your activity levels up.

Staying active towards your accomplishments should be your present to yourself this holiday season. To help stay stimulated try to give the gift of health to everyone on your list in some form!!

Have a Healthy & Happy Holiday!!!
xoxo Jamie