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Monday, August 20, 2012

Haystack Shake!!

Butterscotch & Peanut Butter

So, does anyone ever remember Haystack cookies?!!? As a kids I used to love making these, there's something amazing about the saltiness peanut butter has to offer mixed with the super SWEET Butterscotch flavor. If you've never tried any you so should, you're taste buds will cry out with love. So, this shake is inspired from those! Ahh this is one of my favorite protein shakes! So, if you like creamy milkshakes...+butterscotch...+Peanut Butter...= Then you should LOVE this...YAY

4 ice cubes
8 oz of water or you can use skim milk
1 1/2 tbsp of butterscotch Sugar&Fat Free Pudding Mix
2 Tbsp of PB2
1/4 tsp of peanut butter extract
1/3 cup(heaping) of FF or LF Cottage Cheese
1 scoop of vanilla whey
1 packet of sweetener

Add all ingredients into the blender! & BLEND! But make sure you fully blend it to really thicken it up. So, give it a couple of laps on the blender until it reaches the thickness you desire.

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