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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Very First..

So, hhhmm....who would've actually thought I'd have one of these?? haha
Well...this web creation is pretty much for health-giving training tips, with diet and exercise for lifestyles as well as fashion & beauty etc..Okay so as most of you know I broke my wrists back in February and ended up getting my casts off in the end of March.  As you can imagine I was basically climbing the walls during this time..Confined in my house during the grueling winter...of course I couldn't work out, I had to drop all of the shows I was planning on competing in in the Spring. But, I definitely had some weight to lose after that incident and a lot of muscle tone lost. The healing process took forever it feels. I still have so much pain as of right now even. But, I know that it's going to take a while. But, I'm back in the gym training and personal training as well, I have been for about a month or so. I love running outside more than ever rather than a treadmill. I used to like running on treadmills but im favoring outside more and more. I really love love Arc Trainers!! they are favorite :]

But I think since I could never keep track of exactly how many calories i burned, heart rate, or miles i favored treadmills.  But, ever since I got this new pretty sweet watch outside is better.
Timex Ironman Road Trainer Heart Rate Monitor Watch, Black/Silver/Blue, Mid Size

It works really well too, comes with a heart rate monitor strap. Not really uncomfortable at all.  Sort of expensive for just a watch but i would definitely recommend it. It's always right on target with the heart rate, when I've compared to machines readings.
But, today I went out for a run with my brother who actually now likes to run! yay joe..hah...So he has this pretty sweet App on his Iphone called iMyMapRun
Keeps track of miles, the route that you took, estimates on calories burned, and other options as well...Looks like a pretty decent app...I cant wait to get rid of this phone and be done with itttttt ahhhh.  We ran the bike trail and the road.  Absolutely perfect day for it......

I always order my protein from  but this time along with the protein order  my mom was in on this- we wanted to try it 
haha, I never really bothered with order 'fat burners' But this one looks like it has some good ingredients in it like L- Carnitine- which is known to help convert fatty acids into energy..So not quite sure how this ones going to work out but I'm going to give that a try soon.
With the weather warming up I'm excited to get outside & workout...I love this time of year :]
Best Ways to Burn Fat Outside