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Sunday, August 14, 2011


So, there's this uuhhhmazing recipe that is an all time favorite of mine.  I absolutely love love love sweet potatoes. AND I couldn't live without chicken of course. So both of my two favorite foods. SWEET POTATOES + PULLED CHICKEN= DELISH. So...I hope you are so very well prepared for the recipe of the CENTURY. What you will need is a medium sizes tater, 4-6oz of chicken breast pulled(using a fork & sharp knife shred down the striations) Dinosaur BBQ sauce (or any bbq sauce of your choice) BUT Dinosaurs is my absolute fav, and with only 28 calories per serving!!! You will also need fat free sour cream (but this is optional).

BAKE or microwave the tater. (make sure you poke some holes in it before the bake, then after slice open on side) After BAKING the chicken MIX the shredded chick in a bowl with the BBQ sauce. When complete- STUFF the shredded chick inside and add a dollop of the sour cream on the tip top, you can also add some extra BBQ sauce on top for flavor. 
Nutritional Value based on 4oz chicken breast, 1 medium sweet tater, 4 tbsps. bbq sauce, 2 dollops of fat free sour cream
In total this dish is about 370 calories...give or take the amount of condiments used& size of breast/potato
About 40g carb, 40g Protein, 4g or fat!

Sweet potatoes are a POWER carb.  There are so many benefits of consuming these earth tone orange friends. They are pretty low on the GI scale. They contain the antioxidant beta -carotene which when consumed converts into Vitamin A in your body. They contain a relatively decent amount of fiber, they are a complex carbohydrate. In order for the body to absorb the nutrients, these taters need to be eaten with some amounts of fat (a couple grams) because Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin., this is a true story for Vitamins D,E, and K as well. 
Sooooo, A brief history lesson for my FUN FACT friends ;) (haha): Did you know Sweet potatoes are 10,000 years old, one of the oldest veggies ever. Brought back to Europe by Christopher Columbus!!!haha

But when GROCERY SHOPPING make sure that you aim to try to buy organic ones. Potatoes are just one of many veggies that have a decently high amount of pesticides. Because they don't have a hard shell, pesticides are easily transferred through their thin skin.

But until next time....Stay healthy!!!
XOXO       Jamie

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