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Monday, September 26, 2011

FRESH Meusli

Make Your own Meusli!

Meusli is a cereal mixture. This Swiss derived mixture can be served dry or hot.. Typically served dry in milk, and made of various types of grains and a mixture of nuts & dried fruit, Meusli can be very filling and rich in fiber. Can be served in hot milk, cold milk, coffee, yogurt, or even cottage cheese. Topped with a variety or fresh fruits and cinnamon

Recipe mixture to make your very own Meusli-
Rolled oats
Wheat or Rye flakes
Served: in cold skim milk & top with fresh fruits(I like strawberries best) & dash of cinnamon

Chocolatey-Nut Meusli Recipe
Rolled oats
Bran Flakes
Almonds (sometimes I puree/crush up my almonds tad bit)
Pecans or Hazelnuts
Served: In hot or cold Skim chocolate milk ( Over the moooooon is my fav) & dash on top some Dutch Dark Chocolate cocoa powder (or even a couple semi sweet chips if your feeling generous)

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