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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cottage FUN!!!

Cottage Cheese..So I know many of you are totally turned off by the texture of this food. Of course texture can be a big thing for a lot of people should really try to overcome that, because this nutritional protein packing powerhouse food is really beneficial for muscle building as well as keeping you fuller longer. You could try to mix in berries or other fruits to mask the taste. To mask the texture you could add in a shake or smoothie. Cottage Cheese contains Casein, which is a milk based protein that contains a lot of essential amino acids. Just 1 Cup of it will give you a wapping 22- 28 g of protein-depending on the variety.

I've tried a lot of brands of cottage cheese and my favorite is Simply By Kraft, either the fat free or low-fat versions..
With only 80 or 90 calories & 11g of protein per 1/2 cup serving!
So then only 1 cup is 22grams of protein!!! Well wouldya look at that..How top of the line is that.. Okay so sneaky ways to kick your 'notlikingcottagecheesetexture' Habit-
-Blend it up in a shake
-Eat with defrosted mango squares
-Mix with crushed pineapple
-Slip into a sandwich
-Add into your favorite pancake recipe
-Use as a topping for your spinach salad
-Topped on toast with honey drizzle & cinnamon
-Crackers,Tomato slices, Tobasco sauce, & balsamic vinager topped off with cottage cheese
-Combined with tuna fish
-Used as topping on a Ricecake
-Half&Half- for sweet&Salty Half yogurt & Half cottage cheese

All these delicious combos need are a spoon & mouth

xoxo Jamie

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