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Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Okay, so how many of you have ripped open your gym bag to only reveal NO IPOD?! must've accidentally left your ipod at home?!
 Horrible.. Now your forced to listen to the torturous music that the gym plays?! Dreadful..I know I've been there.  So music obviously is a MEGO EGGO HUGE deal especially when getting your workout on.

There's been so many studies recently proven that music with a higher amount of beats per minute and a faster tempo improves workout intensity and motivation.  Sooooo,a mix of some old faves and newbies--Here's a couple of my picks for some killer GYM JAMZ!!!

Heads Will Roll REMIX- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
The Red-Chevelle
Every Tear is a Waterfall (Swedish house REMIX)- Coldplay
Hello- Martin Solveig
The Downfall of Us All- A Day to Remember
Rocksuper Star- Cypress Hill
Don't Stay-Linkin Park
Heads will Roll Remix- Sam Adams
I stand Alone- Godsmack
Kill Everybody- Skrillix
99 Problems- Linkin Park/ Jay Z
Get Free- The Vines
Send the Pain Below-Chevelle
Fucking Die-Skrillix
What its like- Everlast
Toxic- A Static Lullaby
Take it off- The Donnas
We no speak Americano- Yolanda be cool + Dcup
Smells like teen spirit- Nirvana
Diary Of Jane REMIX- Carl B ft Breaking Benjamin
Killing in the Name of- Rage against the machine
Space Junk- Wolfgang Gartner
Fuck the Police- Rage against the Machine
Hip Hop is Dead- Nas
One of These Days- Foo Fighters
Joke and the thief- Wolfmother
Ghosts & stuff- Deadmua5
Another Song for the Weekend- A Day to Remember
Searching for some Beautiful- Sadistik
Rapping to You- Das Racist
No Sleep (Roboroc remix)- Wiz Khalifa
Smile in your sleep- Silverstein
Kashmir- Led Zep
Weekends- Skrillix
One Step Closer- Linkin Park
Remember the Name- Fort Minor
Speak Freak- Kid Blue
Sexy and I know it- LMFAO
Push & Rise- Wolfgang Gartner
Wolfgangs 5th symphony- Wolfgang Gartner
Zoology- KnifeParty ft Skrillix
Power remix-Kanye West

Hope you like ;)
Until next time
xoxo Jamie

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