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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


SWEET potato vs WHITE potato

Okay, so you all know my ranting about sweet potatoes.  So, I thought that I would do a comparison for you. White VS Sweet Potatoes.  They are different, both virtually have the same amount of calories, carbs, fats ect. Except, sweet potatoes have a large percent of the daily requirement of vitamin A and beta-carotene. Sweet Potatoes also have a little bit more fiber as well as vitamin C & folic acid.  Sweet potatoes are great for muscle building, they are also a complex carb, which means that they wont spike your insulin levels and blood glucose levels-keeping your blood sugar levels at a constant.  They also leave your stomach feeling fuller longer. The white brother of the two, is the opposite, in that being that it will spike your insulin and get right directly into your system, being high on the glycemic index-so consuming this guy directly after exercise will quickly replenish your glycogen levels- (along with some protein as well.) The White potato is made up of mostly starchy carbohydrates, but is richer in folate.  Don't forget to EAT THE SKINS!! The skins of potatoes and a lot of other fruits/veggies is more concentrated with their fiber!

Tip..So if you're new to sweet can have them SWEET or SALTY!!!

They can be paired with Low Sugar Smuckers Jam in the form of baked wedges with the jam used as dipping sauce! OR bake/microwave and mash & top with Light Maple Syrup..
Bake them in wedges and LIGHTLY spray with olive oil & top with Cajun Seasoning..OR bake/microwave & stuff with chives & grilled chicken

*Remember portion sizes & look for a sweet potato that is about 5" long and 2-2.5" diameter


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