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Monday, January 16, 2012


So,I know this is sort of a little late,but I was thinking..and as new years has come and gone, we are still in the beginning stages..and..I think that this is a great time to reflect, reflect on the past year; your accomplishments, your problem areas, goals set and reached, everything. Sometimes when life throws us curveballs it's hard to understand why at the time, But everything thrown at you in life is all in ordanance.  It's simply shifted your path in a direction unknown, but that is meant for you.  You might not get why and it may be hard, but reflecting back on the negative problems and obsticles that you've been through will help you grow as a person.  Everything that you've been through has made you who you are today.  Going through challenges and pushing yourself to that next level, can only help you succeed. Take a deep breath and step back and distance yourself. Reflecting on the years past events will help you with the future. Making a New Years resolution was a good idea to bring in the new year and a new you! If you didn't make one..then you still can! So, so many New Years resolutions are totally unkept.  Make a resolution that is realistic for you.  In order to keep one try having someone to hold you to it, or do a new years resolution with someone else. And if you did make a New Years is it going? Are you still ringing in the beginning of 2012 with positive goals and sticking to your changes?..New Years resolutions to lose weight or diet should really be looked at as trying a lifestyle change...--Something that should be acquired slowly.  Setting a reasonable goal is the key, so challenge yourself, but make it attainable. A resolution takes perseverance, so pushing through the toughest times and getting over that final hill will make you stronger.  A Resolution is something that you have resolved in your mind to put forth the effort to change in your life, so it's not going to be easy. Be determined to succeed because you are worth it to yourself to be a better you..

Stay Positive

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  1. Jamie I love that ya take time out of your busy day to help others! I really do love this. U are awesome! Plz keep posting! So inspiring! Xoxo love ya girl! We need a girls day soon! Can't wait for summer! Ya have to come lay out and sip skinny girls with me this summer again.
    Love,Stephy ;)