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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Make sure your getting your Zzzzzzz...Sleep is an extreme necessity.  An insufficient amount of sleep is very  probelmatic not only for our physical health, but mental & psychological health too. 8 hours is known to suffice for a typical amount of sleep, but now it's proven that it's based on YOU...your daily energy output, as well as genetics plays a role.  Everyone's amount of sleep is different. 

Not getting a full amount of sleep could really put a halt on your ability to lose weight.  The missed energy that your body lacks from not enough sleep, is swapped with food. Your body is looking for something to compensate with the lost sleep. Sleep deprived individuals are also proven to run the risk of many diseases and sicknesses.

During sleep your body is fully repairing itself...your muscles, memory, your brain, everything.  Without your full amount you definitely won't be hitting your full potential. So don't miss out on quality time with your pillow.
Staying physically active should help with sleeping problems and it can also improve chronic sleep problems. Still having sleeping problems you could try Melatonin. Make sure you are in a dark/relaxing setting at least 30 minutes before bed with bright electronics dimmed. & try to avoid caffeine before bed! Turn OFF your brain..sometimes it feels as if it will never stop..over and over...your to do list, reminders,etc...Keep a super fast notebook or journal, pad of paper or something & a writing utensil next to your bed, jot down your racing thoughts or sleepless TO DO's. Sleep is just as important as any other daily activity so don't miss out on it.

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