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Monday, August 29, 2011


So what if you could get an adequate amount of energy and hydrate your body at the sametime, while keeping it all natural?  Well you can!!! With Element water, made right in our own backyard in Saratoga Springs,NY. Created by Steve and Kristen Gilbank, of Saratoga.

Element is infused with caffiene and theanine. Also, created with purified water. Theanine is an amino acid which is found in tea. With 50mg of caffiene infused into a tiny bottle of the good stuff, and tasting just as refreshing as ever, Element has a lot to offer. just how you say?!? Well...The secret to the madness? Tasteless and colorless caffiene extracted from GREEN coffee beans!!!

With the origin of energy goodness infused into 16.9 fl oz. bottle, being only about 20% of your daily water intake; what more could you ask for?...

So quench your thirst while receiving all natural energy all from a little bottle of good old H2o, without all of the sugar and other additives!

 hydrate,motivate, and concentrate is there slogan...
True? I've tried it!!! So Try it out for yourself!!! >>>>>>> YUMMM
              xoxo   Jamie

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