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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Doooooooo It...

I think personal training is the best investment anyone could ever do for themselves. Personal trainers are great teachers, and not because I am one. But, you can learn sooo much. I feel like it gives you a new concept on fitness. A new way of thinking when working out. A PT can also bring to life new ideas and give you a broadened horizon on exercise. Sometimes it's the simple fact that showing up would be an option if there wasn't someone waiting for some people, or for others they just don't know what to do.. So many people are intimidated by the gym.  I definitely used to be. It's easy to just go to the gym and hop on an elliptical  for a half hour and call it a day. But working out is so much more than that.  Incorporating a strength training and stretching regimen into your routine is so super important. There are so many benefits to exercise and strength training in general.....Boosting your overall mood and energy levels, wards against diseases, strengthens& maintains better bone and joint health, promotes better sleeping habits, controls weight, stave off Alzheimers & memory problems, and much more.  Feeling better about your body and yourself physically and mentally is extremely healthy and important.  Sooo clearly these are great benefits.  Exercise is all about long term.  Setting long term goals for yourself and gradually working towards them is the best route.  It's not going to happen over night.  BUT, set reasonable attainable goals. Once i reach goals, I set new ones. There is  never a finish line to goal setting, achieving those reachable goals for yourself is a never ending process. So take baby steps, and stay on track.

  "You have the power to become anything that you want to. Set your expectations for yourself, and know that you'll become whatever you think about."

           Stay Positive & Healthy!

     XOXOXO  Jamie

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