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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Super Babies!!!

Exercise during pregnancy is good for both baby and mommy.  Staying active while pregnant is extremely healthy for moms as well as positively impacting the babies heart health. Studies show that the lasting effects of exercise while the lil munchkin is in utero has endless positive effects; babies exposed to exercise demonstrated a lot lower resting heart rates and heart rate variability, as well as benefiting from the exercise for over a month afterward.  Staying active will also reduce your babies risk of becoming obese, super excellent health is definitely one of the greatest things you could pass on to your offspring!! So start them off at a young age. haha.. Keep up the exercise if you were active before pregnancy, obviously at a lower intensity.  And if you weren't active pre-pregnancy of course consult your doctor.  But exercise obviously is important for an assortment of people. : )

Stay Healthy!
xoxo Jamie

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