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Monday, July 11, 2011

Well so much has gone on, over this past just about month or so since the last one.  Well it's official I passed my test a couple weeks ago, so now i am an ACE certified PT....ccchhyeaaaah.  I was so nervous for that test, ugh.  I was a studying maniac. I have to change up my business cards now. So, i think about a couple weeks ago I got the Iphone, uhhmazing. So now, when i go for runs i can use the ImapMyrun keeper to track the exact miles and time.  But since i have my watch which is pretty much right exactly on the calories burned, I just track calories with that.  Because the ImapmyRun doesnt ever really come close to the calories that I'm actually burning. But, it sends you maps of routes you might like and emails of your recorded runs for the week, pretty sweet. A little bit more bulky when running because I'm used to my little nano touch, but totally worth it i think.

So since my training is back to normal from my wrists being broken...just some slight discomfort still when working out.  Its only been a couple months, so should be back to normal in up to a year it could take.  So, the left one is pretty great, but i just have to tape up the right one still. I want to get back into competing!  Figure shows are so much fun and so rewarding...Here's a silly one from my VERY first show...

BUT.....Staying on track with my fitness and diet goals to get ready for upcoming shows is definitely a tough task.  I would like to do some shows in the fall, hopefully I could be ready for...I'll have to find some upcoming shows.

 But.....until next time....feel the burn & stay positive!!!


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