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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Don't get STUCK in a Rut...

Recently, Sam had a question for me...She's getting bored and not seeing any results anywhere from her running routine. She's gradually worked up to 4 miles a day over the past year. She loves cardio, but is there anything that she can do?... Well of course there is!!

Change, change, change... 
Change is good. No matter the routine whether strength training or cardio. Change is always good for the body and muscle confusion! Changing up your intensities will vary the RER ratios of where energy actually comes from..Carbs or Fats...So during your running routine, if you do straight running of 4 miles, at a moderate pace. Change it up. Introduce, intervals. 30 second, even up to a minute bouts of faster paced running; then recovering for 2 to 3 minutes. Repeating this sequence of intervals for 8 or so times. Throwing in some interval training for half of the amount of times a week you train should help you over your slump, but no more than 3. You could also throw in some hill training. Hitting cardio up for 4 to 5 times a week is a great acheivable goal. I would recommend starting a strength training routine. There are so many soooo many benefits with strength training, from preserving bone density to building up lean muscle mass which will over all boost your calories burned and help you become a calorie burning machine!! ha...SO, whether it be starting one at home or in a gym, strength training is key to an all around workout plan.

DIET...Diet is about 70-80% of importance when it comes to weight loss and fitness goals. Diet is one of the hardest parts I think. DON'T be fooled by foods. Read the labels!! Consuming high glycemic index foods after working out is crutual to replenish your glycogen stores.
So, getting stuck in a fitness rut is really easy. Changing up your training is a great way to keep yourself interested and motivated. Keep exercises varied and always try something new!!
REMEMBER Nothing comes easy, SO stay motivated!!!

Until next time......Stay healthy & positive!!
      XOXOXOX  Jamie

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