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Monday, December 17, 2012

So Sweet

I'm sure all of you have a sweet tooth in some form.  Table sugar is obviously something that you want to skip. There are so many sweeteners on the market right now so I figured I would break down the latest for you...

So, a while back for 'New down the isle' I posted that there was Nectresse (A monk fruit sweetener) By Splenda.
Monk Fruit is an ancient Chinese fruit that is commonly used in Asia to combat obesity and fight against diabetes. Recently there have been alot of new sweeteners on the market and monk fruit is one of them. Monk fruit is like Stevia (Reb stevia plant) which is in a lot of sweeteners like Truvia and PureVia. Monk fruit along with stevia is waaaay sweeter than table sugar, about 300 times; so you don't have to use as much.
Monk fruit contains fructose and glucose. Monk Fruit is no calories, but contains 1.2g of carbs per gram.
It starts as the fruit ,then during the process the is soaked and dried it out and the sweet juice is extracted.
Stevia comes from a plant leaf, and the leaves are steeped, and the sweet is extracted and blened with crystals. Both sweeteners are found in nature, and both contain Erythritol, a natural sugar alcohol. They have similar sweetness to them, but have very different tastes. Stevia and Monk Fruit are great options for your sweet teeth :D

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