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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Don't get discouraged

Frequently so many people get discouraged when walking into the gym. It can be extremely intimidating and really easy to give up! Exercise is so important. Everywhere people are overweight or disease struck all from the crap we feed our bodies, being obese or even just plain lazy. Not having enough time is a popular excuse. I'm not saying you have to spend grueling countless hours sweating away in the gym but attending for just the minimum is crucial for your health. At least try to hit the guidelines for the average adult. Exercising your heart as well as your skeletal muscles is important and the outcome far exceeds the risks. Your heart is actually a muscle and keeping an active lifestyle is great for the lil 'ole ticker.

Try not to get intimidated while in the gym. Hiring a personal trainer is a great idea, and can definitely pay off in the log run. Remember that a lot of people in the gym are feeling the same way as you, so don't feel stupid and embarrassed. Are YOU happy with your body? Many people are not happy with their bodies,but the first thing to do is to take action. Only you can do this for yourself, making a change and sticking to it can be extremely challenging, but once you finish and achieve your goals, it will be the most rewarding thing. Many people believe the process will happen fast, seeing progress over a couple weeks should be expected,but fitness and healthy lifestyle goals should be more long term set goals. It's harder to see the progress on yourself but you physically should start to feel better, feel more energized, and with time your clothes should start fitting loosely! Depending on the person you can actually gain some weight first due to muscle gains and water retention, but don't get discouraged. I know so many people who actually restrict their bodies from food too much which actually is hurting them reach their goals. 
Nutrition is extremely important and knowledge of what foods your consuming daily is key for success. Keeping a food journal to log every morsel that you input on the daily will help you tremendously. As well as logging the way you felt after eating foods or even at the end of the day. Food journals can be really telling into your cravings and the way your body is working. Your body is a machine and what and when you feed it changes everything. You cannot trick your body, so don't try. Even cheating on a food journal totally defeats the purpose so don't bother if your going to cheat on it. Exercise and living a healthy lifestyle is something that I've chosen to do in my life, and it's not easy. I know that it's hard, and after a long day all you want to do is veg out and the last thing on your mind is something physically exerting, or the thought of waking up an hour early to sweat brings tears to your eyes, BUT the best decision is to just get out there and DO something. There has been countless days where I don't want to lift a finger or even set foot in the gym. BUT, I know that I have to push past it and just do it. In the end when you make the decision to just DO IT, it's always better, ALWAYS. So, push past your fears and just get out there and do something. Who cares.

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