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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Chicken of the Sea now has no draining required tuna! New flavors of solid light thia chili and lemon pepper! No draining alleviates the mess! No spilling & no leftover by product of smelly stale tuna!

Tillamook Light Fat Free yogurt is now sweetened with TRUVIA!!! WOOHOO. Coming in new varieties of Dark Cherry, Lemon Squeeze, Marionberry,Mountain Huckleberry, Peach, Oregon Strawberry, Berry Patch, Vanilla Bean, Raspberry, and Pomegranate Blackberry! Only 110 calories!

Salada Green Tea Now has three new flavors- Peach Nectarine, Tropical Fruit, and Raspberry!! Brew some in the sun this summer for some sun tea!

Cream of Wheat now comes in whole grain variety for quicker and easier preparation! Packed with more fiber and protein than the original!

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