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Thursday, March 8, 2012


BELVITA - Okay so this UK based Breakfast product is NEW.  Made from whole grains & each individually wrapped pouch is perfect for a serving size. A better pick than a sugary cereal or no breakfast at all!

SKINNY COW-  So, as I perused through the aisles I spotted a Limited edition Skinny COW ice cream truffle- In MOCHA.  Since I've been in show diet mode, I haven't been down this Aisle in a while, and as soon as I'm done I'm going to have to give these puppies a whirl.  A good treat yeahhh buddy. ehhh

DOLE-  SHAKERS.  So, Dole has new Smoothie "No BLENDER REQUIRED" Shakers. In 3 new flavors- Mixed Berry, Strawberry, & Strawberry Banana- Just add some water or a beverage of choice and shake. Yeah I know I should've joined the circus...

xoxox Jamie

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