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Monday, February 6, 2012

DRINK UP..with a drink that never gets cold?

ODWALLA- Launches SMOOTHIE REFRESHERS in three NEW flavors Mixed Berry Shuffle, Pear Berry Jive, & Mango Lime Twist for your taste buddies! 150 calories per bottle & 100% daily value of vitamin c. + Other vitamins and minerals..

BOSSANOVA- NEW lower calorie version of the original. Now 90 calories and certified organic SUPERFRUITS..

TALKING RAIN- They have added 2 NEW flavors to their "Sparkling ICE" flavored water. -LEMONADE & COCONUT PINEAPPLE!! All zero calories.

WEST COAST CHILL- NO one wants a hot drink on a SUPER HOT day..This new energy drink claims to "CHILL ON DEMAND"  with the flip of a tab supposedly the temperature will drop to 30 degrees in 3 minutes...hmm..sounds too good...You have to wait until April to see for yourself..CHILL

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