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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Where is the love....

No love for those love handles??...

Well unfortunately spot reducing doesn't exists. Fat deposits in different areas for everyone.  So everyone is different depending on whatchaMomma gave you.  Thankssss Mom...BUT don't give up there is hope!!
Making small changes to your lifestyle and eating habits is the first step.  Strengthening your core muscles is key to build up stamina in that area, and getting enough cardiovascular exercise is most definitely important.

Don't reach for that Salt Shaker- cutting your sodium intake is a must.  The RDA is 2,300 milligrams! Some packaged meals have over half of this!  You would be surprised. Sodium allows your body to retain extra water, which will add to the bloat.

ICE ice baby...Drink WATER!!Water helps the body metabolize stored fat as energy.  It also helps aid in appetite suppression. Having your water on the rocks will help your body burn even more calories because it has to work extra hard to bring the chilly H2o temp up to body temperature. So ask for ice...

Add fiber to your diet.  Fiber leaves your feeling fuller longer, and acts as an aid in weight loss. But make sure to drink plenty of water with a high fiber diet, if not it can leave you feeling even more bloated..

Cutting Calories where it counts... Cutting calories here and there will ultimately help with weight loss.  If you were to cut just 100 calories per day over the rate of 1 year- You could lose a little over 10 pounds, doing just that alone. Making small diet changes will become habit and eventually..hopefully part of your lifestyle. There are a lot of factors that contribute to weight loss. Gender is a big factor.  The amount of muscle mass that a person has will directly effect their metabolism and therefor ultimately their calorie expenditure.  Diet is 70-80% of the fraction. Diet is sup sup superrrrrrr extremely crucial.  Like I've said Abs are made in the kitchen.  If your diet is not on point, you won't find the results your looking for. At the end of the day what matters is calories in vs calories out. Listen to your body and know when your actually hungry, or when it's another factor.. Don't deprive but give in moderation.

Strengthening the Lower back and Abdominals- Strengthening your core muscles will help with your balance as well as stability. For oblique training concentrate on lower weighted exercises. Don't do dumbbell side bends or weighted cable side bends heavy..Hogwash...I don't do these at all. The muscle fibers of the core are very touchy. The obliques can bulk up quite easily especially with weight that's just being brought up and down in a verticle motion.  Twisting motion exercises is what should be more of the focus for your obliques.
 Abdominals need to be worked at every angle. You could do a million crunches all day long but this won't help those fat stores "turn into muscle."  Because one thing cannot turn into another.  Fat cannot turn into muscle and vice versa.  You can build up the muscle underneath the fat, but ultimately loosing the fat is cardiovascular exercise and diet.  Then the muscle will show through, if the fat over the muscle is depleted. CARDIO CARDIO!! Cardiovascular exercise is a huge factor in fat loss.  Try interval training...vary your intensity throughout your session, with varying heart rate for intervals at a time.

Here's an example of a great core building workout...Follow by a 30-45 minute cardio session..

Superset for 3 sets (15-20 reps)
Jackknifes (with a stability ball)
Kneeling Cable Pulley Crunches
Toe Touches

Superset for 3 sets
Russian Twists (20 per side)
Side Planks (30 seconds per side)

Superset for 3 sets
Hyperextensions ( on a stability ball or Roman chair) 15-20 reps
Reverse Planks (30 seconds per side)

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